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for over 30 years

Late Summer Play Readings

Thursday, Sept. 19 and Friday, Sept. 20

7:00PM (doors open at 6:30PM)
Celebration Square, Downtown Moneta (Under Casa D'Amici) 

 “Claudine, the Evolution of a Redneck Goddess” is written by local author, Linda Kay Simmons.  Linda has deep roots in Franklin County and is a member of the Smith Mountain Arts Council Lake Writers.

  The setting is the early 1960’s on Claude Wrathborn’s farm in Franklin County, Virginia.  Claudine can’t wait to get off of her Pa’s farm. She sees an opportunity when Tom Cat Crawley comes to buy some of her Pa’s shine.   Claudine sweet talks Tom Cat into taking her for a ride in his mustang, True Blue, as a result,life gets out of hand for everyone in this hilarious, heartbreaking play.

Those in the cast: Tim Ernandes, Linda Kay Simmons,  Matt Uselton, Nancy King, Larry Helms, Pat Bechtler, Chris Bechtler, Charlene Maresca, Ginny Brock, Jim Morrison, Tim Beard, and Kristi Mason

            “The Last Stand” is written by Joyce Armor, a former television writer for such shows as “WKRP in Cincinnati” and The Love Boat”.  Joyce lives in Mentor, Ohio.

 The setting is present day on a person’s property.  Lily, a feisty elderly woman, chains herself to a tree.  Woody Bleck, a lumberjack, has the job of taking down the tree and making her leave.  It’s a mano-mano conflict both are enjoying, until a novice TV reporter shows up to complicate matters.  There is also somewhat of an O’Henry twist at the end. 

Those in the cast: Sue Halloran, Mike Dittrich, Zayne Swain, John Maresca, and Al Fuzi

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